john lautner’s silvertop for sale for first time in 44 years

August 10 2014

South Willard
john lautner’s silvertop for sale for first time in 44 years


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I have worked on this one of a kind home doing repairs for 30 years and at $ 7.5 million it is as big a bargain as it is beautiful . This home cost MORE than a million to build. I worked as an apprentice carpenter for the other giant collaborator on this home… the Builder, Wally Niewadumski, and he told me about the construction of this home. It was not an easy build. It was Wally’s first project for John Lautner. He built all the other great Lautner Concrete homes in California, excluding Sheats-Goldstein. He said Silvertop took almost 10 years to build, was riddled with problems with approvals for permits and almost every part or assembly for the home was custom made. It probably is closer to 4 to 5 million over the 10 years to build. Today, this house would cost 50 million to build. The building permits alone would cost hundreds of thousands, so at $ 7.5 million, this is a super bargain. This home is no picnic to work on. Everything being custom made means that when they break, you can not buy it off the shelf, you have to make it. This can be very costly, but the home is so well built, it does not break often. The infinity swimming pool is the very first one built. It was designed to mimic the shape of Silverlake below, and it does. The cantilevered Tennis Court has a retractable shade system to block out the Sun if desired. The home takes your breath away, literally, when you see it for the first time. I first saw this home in 1973, and it changed my life, completely. After crawling over every inch of this home with the Owners daughter, Sue, I knew my mission in life was to work for, and build for John Lautner. I did just that. I have been working on Lautner homes since I met him in 1974. HE IS THE BIG DADDY of all the Architects, period. I am a bit opinionated.

Who ever the blessed soul is that purchases this one of a kind piece of heaven, please remember the home is perfect exactly as it is. It does need repairs, and a small bit of renovation, mostly typical maintenance. What this home does not need is to become desecrated by some new owner with ” a vision “. No body does John Lautner better than John Lautner. This home needs no re invention, just maintenance. Please embrace this.
I have ripped out miles of crap installed in Lautner’s, Wright’s, Shindler’s, Neutra’s, and other lesser known Architect’s. It is PATHETIC to see how many amazing Architectural homes get butchered by the “new owner’s vision . ” The only good thing about this is when the home sells to a correct person or family who loves the home, and they restore it back to being correct to original design, it generates a lot of work for guys like me.

- Roban Poirer

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